FRAC SAND RESOURCES, LLC (FSR) is a fully integrated operational and logistics development company with a focus on energy and other emerging industries.  With facilities and asset partners strategically located throughout all of the major areas of oil and gas production activity, we are uniquely positioned to serve our customers in the following areas:

  • Proppants: Frac Sands and Ceramic Proppants
  • Transloads
  • Barge transportation and leasing
  • Oilfield chemicals and downhole drilling muds
  • Business and facility development and operations

With strengths in oilfield chemicals, minerals, proppants, transloads and terminals, government, and real estate, all under one roof, we offer “Alpha to Omega” integration as well as a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals.  Our energetic, innovative team will provide you with customized solutions for your company’s individual needs.

Our goal? To develop supplier/partner relationships with industry leaders and leverage our assets, and more importantly, your assets, to assure your success.

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