Frac Sand Resources, Inc.
Frac Sand Resources, Inc.

We locate, evaluate, consult, test, and market, the highest quality ceramic proppants that are used in the gas and oil industry, on a worldwide basis. We also locate and develop transload opportunities within the shale plays with the gas and oil industry in mind.

Fracking is currently used in 90 percent of North America's natural gas and oil wells, and will soon be the standard practice in other parts of the world. This process makes drilling possible in areas that 10 to 20 years ago would not have been profitable. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have turned unproductive shale's into the largest natural gas and oil fields in the World. On average, it takes 44 rail cars of product and commodities to build out an oil well and bring them to production. These transloads must be designed in such a way to be extremely efficient with the least amount of waiting trucks as possible. 60% of those rail cars handle proppants. High quality natural sands that are located on a full scale transload has become the new "gold rush" of the twenty first century.

Frac Sand Resources is interested in expanding its reach into delivery of these proppants and other upstream and midstream products to the well head to all parts of North America, and the world, for that matter; via rail or barge. Frac Sand Resources and its partners are interested in seeking out sand reserves in other parts of the world and bringing those sands to market. Frac Sand Resources is also interested in transloading opportunities throughout North America and developing those into full scale transloads.

Frac Sand Resource's team is comprised of several of the leading sales people in the gas and oil industry, along with myself, Brian Iverson (President), with some members having as much as 15 years' of experience in selling frac sand and ceramic proppants. We are a full logistics team with access to Canadian National, Union Pacific, Canadian Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail transloads.

If you have an opportunity, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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